Cosmotech School

Cosmotech 2013 Annual Report Data

In order for prospective students to make an informed decision about attending Cosmotech, below is the outcome rates for the year ending December 2013.
Completion Rate Total
[Item 1] Number of students scheduled to complete in 2013 30
[Item 2] Number of students from Item 1 who completed 28
Completion Rate 93.33%
Placement Rate Total
[Item 3] Number of 2013 completers who are eligible for employment 28
[Item 4] Number of completers from Item 3 who were employed in a field for which training prepared them 27
Placement Rate 96.43%
Licensure Rate Total
[Item 5] Number of individuals who took the last required part of the exam for the first time in 2013 27
[Item 6] Number of the individuals from Item 5 who passed the exam 27
Licensure Rate 100%


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